Friday, July 12, 2013

My Body is Art, Not Porn!

This is why I post myself partially nude sometimes. I am aware of how attractive I am. And I am aware I am the only nude artist's model I have handy at the moment. And I am aware of the power of the naked female figure! I like to add colors to my art. Lots of colors! I am an artist, not a pornographer or a prostitute. I have a very healthy sexuality inside of me that is capable of giving myself and others such beautiful, cosmic orgasms! I am aware that porn tends to zero in on genitals, bare butts, and penetration of various body parts by other parts. Lust is good, too. But it takes much more than sex to hold a relationship together. I just got turned-down for a Virtual Assistant job. Oh, well... at least, I tried! As we say at The Prosperity Express, "Their rejection is God's protection!" Real lovemaking is whole. Far more than just the sum of all the parts. To be whole, you need and want to explore all of each other's holes. Buttholes, vaginas, mouths, penises.... yes, pun intended! I do not want to trivialize sex or turn it into only a fuckfest porn film or some kind of crude joke or some kind of airy-faery Tantra dreamland. Sex is heat and lust and sweat and moans. Sex is colors and angels and all those demons flying out of our holes (the ones in our bodies AND our minds), just to be loved and healed, like a wayward puppy or homeless kitten. I am very fascinated by love, lust, and romance. Desire is so good!