Sunday, June 2, 2013


Oh, to crawl all over another woman’s body

Another item on my sexual bucket list

Her sweet breasts grin up at me

Like snowy white mountains with pink peaks

My rude lips caress her navel

And then her pubes

Her imaginary boyfriend masturbates as he watches

The whole woman-on-woman worship session

Moans of ecstasy sing from your upper lips

As I make mouth music on your lower lips

Your thighs they flutter in heat

My sweet sweat pools beneath

The taste of your cunt is on my lips

As into your face I grind my hips

I seduce the world with my poems

I hope this makes your manhood hard

Hard enough for my lips

And my hips

And my lusty kitten crème

May I fill your most obscene dream

I am your Queen, Oh Baby, you are my King

Lusty, lusty dream!

-- Linda the Lust Angel

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