Thursday, February 21, 2013

Celebrity FuckPoem #1 John Mayer

OH, if only I could sit on that face.... stroke my wet clit all over the place... make John Mayer get a nice, big boner.... put a dog collar on him, show him I'm his owner... OH my God, what a pretty pretty face.... wouldn't it be lovely to suck his cock .... and have his semen grace / my tits? I could masturbate all over this one. And cum. And moan. Out loud. PS My body's his wonderland.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Doll Shield

I am renewing my practice of drawing mandalas, or Native American Medicine Shields, or circular art... The doll on right is based on a photo of Pamela DesBarres from her younger "groupie" days...

Pretty Panties series

I have taken down my pretty panties. This is much too public to display them here. Only special friends and any future husband of mine have the right to see my underwear. Hey--I have standards! I need to be DIGNIFIED. Showing off underwear so publicly is NOT DIGNIFIED in my book. Here's a nice erotic drawing done by me, instead. Triple Goddess, from my sketchbook...